Why Partner With QAffluent for Salesforce Testing?

QAffluent has a team of Salesforce Testing Experts with deep domain experience and proven testing skills with vendor-agnostic resources. Our custom-tailored testing approach will help you with the following:


QA Processes
  • Testing process across different cloud environments
  • Agile Salesforce testing process
  • Salesforce manual testing approach inclined to business needs
  • Data migration testing strategy and roadmap
  • Well-defined QA processes to evaluate test coverage
  • Knowledge base of Salesforce testing best practices


Salesforce Expertise
  • Functional and automation testing experts
  • 300+ years of collective experience
  • AI expertise in Salesforce Einstein
  • Domain expertise to perform Salesforce test automation
  • Available skill-sets for Salesforce testing tools and technologies
  • Exposure to the Salesforce automation tools available in market
  • Perform Salesforce unit tests with Apex


Complete Transparency
  • Transparency in using tools like JIRA and TestRail
  • Clear visibility for client to keep track on project goals
  • Solutions for end-to-end testing approaches
  • Share out-of-the-box ideas with stakeholders to add values


Agile Methodology
  • Close coordination with developers and business experts
  • Thorough root cause analysis to identify early defects
  • 200+ successful releases
  • Flexibility to make changes during the development process
  • Guaranteed timely delivery with dedicated success managers


Security Paradigm
  • Resolve core security challenges with role-based testing
  • Secured overall IT management and governance
  • Stringent process for user and data security

Why Salesforce Testing?

Salesforce has many out-of-the-box features, often customized based on specific business needs. These customizations may surface regressions with core Salesforce features and impact the overall quality of the customization. Salesforce Application Testing with QAffluent helps test periodic business changes and identify how well the customization is working. Accordingly, you can be more confident in the result.

Salesforce CRM Testing

  • Provide more Stability for Customizations.
  • Minimizes Business Risks with Testing Customizations.
  • Ensures Functionality is Intact with Internal or External Environment Integration Testing.
  • Increases Test Coverage with End-to-end Testing.
  • Enable Permissions and Access Validate through Testing Roles and Profiles.
  • Validates Third-party APIs that are Integrated with Salesforce to meet Business Requirements.
  • Tests Quote Contents for Correct Product Pricing.
  • Ensures High-quality Test Accuracy and early Defect Identification.
  • Better Utilizes Resources for 24×7 Customer Services.
  • Validates Case Management Workflows Designed for Customer Services.
  • Thoroughly Tests Business Contracts for Billing.

Salesforce Testing Services

QAffluent offers a gamut of Salesforce Testing Services, from Functional Testing to Automation and API Testing. Furthermore, we offer on-demand Salesforce QA testing services for specific modules based on your needs. Our Salesforce testing experts are well-versed in testing assignments for Classic and Lightning effectively and efficiently.

Our wide range of testing services covers all standard Salesforce Modules, for example, Accounts, Leads, Campaigns, Contacts, Opportunities, and Reports.

Major Salesforce Testing Services Offered:
  • Functional Testing

    Functional Testing
    API Testing
    End-to End Testing
    Performance Testing
    Integration Testing
    Security Testing
    Usability Testing
    Database testing
  • Automation Testing

    Automation Testing
    Test Framework Development
    API Automation
    Test Executions and Reporting
    Automated Regression Testing
    Cross-browser Testing
  • Sales and Service Cloud Testing

    Sales and Service Cloud Testing

    Test different marketing and lead creation tools and check quality of a cloud-based application across different cloud environments through integration, security and regression testing.

  • Salesforce AI Testing

    Salesforce AI Testing

    Test Einstein capabilities to validate leads and their assignments, possible next best action for interaction, and recommendations for the best customer solutions. Testing fully automated case routing process with machine learning that filters cases to the right queue or agent.

  • Role/User-Based Testing

    Role/User-Based Testing

    Validate that users are able to perform the operations as per their assigned roles and permissions

  • Lightning Testing

    Lightning Testing

    Automated tests for custom components gives confidence that they work as designed. Lightning Testing Service(LTS) guides through broad testing coverage of a component’s expected behavior.

  • Production and Release Testing

    Production and Release Testing

    UAT and regression testing performed using automation test suites to ensure there are no defects and newly designed features are compatible with the existing ones.

Salesforce SMEs

Our Salesforce Testing Team has over 100 subject matter experts (SMEs) with over 300+ years of Collective experience testing Salesforce Applications. QAffluent's Salesforce Testing Services Team has built in-test Repositories and Test Accelerators for Manual Test Cases and Automated Test Scripts, with Well-defined Test Data Management and a Robust Test Automation Framework.

Our team of performance testing experts ensures that each of our clients selects the performance testing tools, application monitoring tools and tech stack that complement their software development lifecycle, team structure and testing needs. Our QA engineers are tool agnostic and have the expertise to use whichever tools are best for the overall project. A few common tools our team uses for performance testing are:

Salesforce SMEs

Our Salesforce testing team has over 100 subject matter experts (SMEs) with over 300+ years of collective experience testing Salesforce applications. QAffluent's Salesforce testing services team has built in-test repositories and test accelerators for both manual test cases and automated test scripts, with well-defined test data management and robust test automation framework.

Modules & Key Focus Areas

  • Accounts (Group Account Management)
  • Lead (Lead & Partner Management)
  • Campaigns (Campaign Management)
  • Contacts (Contact Management)
  • Documents (Proposals & Workflows)
  • Opportunity (Opportunity Management)
  • Reports (Reports & Dashboards)

3rd Party Products Integration Testing

  • Content Management
  • Oracle Apps
  • Marketing Tools

QAffluent Value Add

  • Web Services Validators (WSV) for API Level Integration Testing
  • Test Automation Ready To Deploy Framework
  • 100+ Salesforce SMEs

QAffluent Testing Services

  • Configuration Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • End-to-End Automation Testing
  • Performance Testing

QAffluent has a Salesforce Customer Success Team that is Well-trained in handling Customer Issues specific to Salesforce QA and providing Swift, Reliable Resolutions. Our customer success team maintains a knowledge center (FAQs, Knowledge Articles, and Solutions) that you can access to resolve frequent and known issues.

Domain Expertise

Below are our areas of expertise with Salesforce applications:


Perform proper investigations for patient data and generate different reports to diagnose and provide meaningful analysis. Our testing professionals work directly with healthcare professionals and gain knowledge of the healthcare paradigm.

Sales and Marketing

We have a team of domain experts who understand Sales and Marketing Business needs and work in sync with business and marketing professionals to test and Implement the Right Solution.

Professional Services

We are experts in Service Cloud Applications. Our team of testing experts works directly with professional services experts to help them with testing or maintaining Customer Accounts, Contacts, and Reports in Salesforce.

Customer Support Services

We offer support services in maintaining Customer Cases, Solutions, Escalation workflow, and Knowledge Bases.

Agile Salesforce Testing Process

Requirement Analysis

Get Business Requirements

Perform Scope Analysis

User Stories
Backlog Refinement

Assignment of User Stories

Test Plan

Prepare Test Plan

Identify Risk and Mitigation

Test Case Design

Business Approval for Test Cases

Evaluate Test Cases Coverage

Set-up & Executions

Create Test Data

Users and Permission Assignment

Smoke Execution

UAT Testing and Deployment

Test Executions and Report

Production Deployment